Not Your Grandma's Pastor

Rev. Kimesha McDowell is a former 22 year USPS veteran who transformed into an Ordained Metaphysical Minister graduating from the University Of Metaphysics with a master's degreeShe is a Mindset Shifter & Manifestation Coach

By 2018, she was fully immersed in metaphysics and was led via a dream to fully pursue a career as a Metaphysical Minister where she could help others shift their mindset and live a life of freedom. She quit her 22-year career at USPS and literally followed her dreams.

She now preaches and teaches the bible, but not like your grandma's pastor. She helps others see the mystical interpretation of the bible and applies these hidden gems to transform their lives.

Her main weapon for helping others is offering tools that help them learn how to use the power of words.

She is mostly known on all social media platforms as Rev. BlaQ Fire, the word magician. She specializes in coaching others to see the magic of changing words and using them to transform their life. She is also an expert in using the subconscious to empower one’s life, and metaphysical Christianity.

What Made Me Want To Teach Metaphysics?

It started with my reintroduction to the Bible in 2012. I went back to church due to the turmoil going on in my own life. Many of us have read the bible as a child and we really did not understand what it was saying. We heavily relied on interpretations from our parents and pastor. 

But when I revisited it as an adult, after about 6-8 months of reading it word for word, I was very disturbed. A lot of things didn't make sense, so I began to research deeply. One of my friends, who was also a pastor, suggested I study it with a bible dictionary. From there, my entire world changed. 

I noticed the Lexicon mentioned things associated with the scriptures that are never talked about. I saw astrology and mythology hidden in between the words. I also became curious about the feminine aspect of God. 

This journey of studying the bible took me down many twists and turns until I finally accepted that there was and is a universal concept of God. This concept fits into every scenario that you can possibly think of. I realized that metaphysics, the study of energy, is the key to unlocking the mind. 

Metaphysics has moved imaginary boundaries in my life . It has helped me heal deep psychological trauma. It has helped me know myself as a divine creator. 

Understanding this is what led me to desire to help others reach their highest potential and walk in their divine purpose. That is what made me want to be a metaphysician.