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About The Reverend

Rev.Kimesha McDowell

Metaphysical Minister

Reverend Kimesha, aka Rev. BlaQ Fire is a Metaphysical Minister, a Manifestation Coach and a Mindset Shifter. She is the author of the Self Realization of a Goddess Interactive Journal as well as Exposing The Mystery Within Your Names ebook. Since 2018, she has been the national keynote speaker for the Self Realization of a Goddess tour. Her overall mission is to activate a multitude of people to create the exact, desired life of freedom they dream of. She does this by teaching principles of universal law.

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The bible is a mystical book and it can be interpreted many ways. If you are ready to learn more about the mystery of yourself and the bible, then this is for you.

  • Tips for reading the bible using a strongs concordance dictionary

  • Tips for interpreting the bible with a metaphysical eye

  • Metaphysical bible studies and interpretations

  • Understanding universal law in the bible

What's In This Metaphysical Library?

    1. How To Study The Bible With A Dictionary

    2. How To Use Google Translate With The Bible

    3. How To Read The Metaphysical Layers Of The Bible

    4. How To Read The Bible Metaphysically

    5. Bibles Are Masonic

    6. How To Study The Bible

    7. Using Numerology With Scripture

    8. 7 Words To Exchange In The Bible

    1. Bible Study: Census 2020

    2. Bible Study: Year Of Jubilee

    3. Psalm 119: 911 is The Law of the Lured

    4. Isaiah 50: The Certificate of Divorce

    1. Satan The Liar

    2. What Are Demons

    3. What You Can Learn From The Devil

    4. The Devil & Magic

    5. Podcast : Forget Everything You Know About The Devil

    6. Outwitting The Devil (Bible Study)

    7. Outwitting The Devil 2 (Bible Study)

    8. Understanding The Layers Of Satan

    1. The Lord Of Your Estate

    2. Woe To The Experts Of The Law

    3. How We Buy Things In Commerce

    4. The Tree of Good & Evil

    1. What Is "The Last Day"?

    2. What Are Angels & How They Talk To You?

    3. How To Get Into Heaven (The Esoteric Way)

    4. Jewels In The Book Of Revelation

    5. What Is God's Plan Of Salvation ?

    6. What Does It Mean To Fear The Lord?

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