What Others Have To Say

“So, I joined Rev. Kimesha's private group and instantly was in heaven with all the information she was providing. The way she talks and breaks things down is mind-blowing 🤯. I was able to learn about the different ways that words I use were keeping me back and not forward! If you are looking for truth and passion, please visit and join her program. ❣️”

Syrita Renee

“Being in Rev. Kimesha's private group is like having endless access to a metaphysical library! She drops daily jewels and I've learned so much about myself. She also encourages you to apply the knowledge. The best investment is to self! I love it there!”


“I love the group because it gives me reminders, especially in regards to when I was trying to manifest things and they weren't happening fast enough. I love the constant reminders of how sight is an illusion and truth happens in the unseen. It kept me going with my goals”

Gina Hoskins