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Learn all about the metaphysics of money and manifestation

    1. The Metaphysical Science of Getting Rich

    2. The Metaphysical Science of Getting Rich Part 2

    3. The Purse In The Person

    4. A Break Down Of The Meaning of Dollar Bill

    5. Money & The Government

    6. What The Bible Says About Money

    7. What Is A Poverty Mentality ?

    8. The Metaphysical Explanation of Money

    9. Opening God's Bank Account

    1. The Manifestation Hoola Hoop Method

    2. God Wants To Feel Through You

    3. How To Cast A Spell On Yourself

    4. Scripting Characters In Your Story

    5. Using Tone In Affirmations

    6. Do Positive Affirmations Really Work?

    7. The Art Of Manifestation

    8. The Role Of Chaos & Order In Manifestation

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