Course curriculum

    1. Agreement

    1. A Message From Rev.

    1. Lesson 1- Being Open Minded

    2. Lesson 2- The Metaphor Of The Seed

    3. Lesson 3 How Is The Mind Programmed

    4. Lesson 4 How Does Programming Effect Women

    5. lesson 5 Tools For Being Open Minded

    6. Self Realization of A Goddess Ebook

    1. Exposing The Mystery Within Your Names PDF

    1. Intro to Magic Spells

    2. How W e Cast Spells On Ourself

    3. The Original Spell

    4. Traveling & Trapping Spells

    5. Who are the Magicians

    6. How To Write Like A Magician

    7. Your Word Is Your Wand Affirmations

    1. Intro To Goddess Mythology

    2. The Mother Of Mythology

    3. The Mother God & The Bible

    4. Kalima & Time

    5. Mamas Hidden MOney

    6. Connecting With The Goddess

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  • 18 hours of video content

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“"This course is for the woman who is ready to go deeper into their spiritual walk. It’s for those who want to understand how to get to the root of their experiences and learn how they can change it. ”

Marla Matime

“If you haven't taken the Self Realization of a Goddess course, you are missing out. If you are ready for major shifts, do yourself a favor and take this course. This information is deep and will change your life. ”

Gina Hoskins

“Through your Self Realization classes, I realized that I had a gift that I was never able to put a language to. I am constantly inspired and will always share your work. ”


“I didn't truly make the connection between my mind, my womb, and my fears until I took The Self Realization of a Goddess course. ”


“Rev. Kimesha definitely helped me develop the Goddess in me. She helped me build my self esteem and activate my power beyond the physical realm. She helped me be true, whole and loyal to my inner core of my divine self. ”